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Computing & Society 2022

This is the course website for Computing and Society, coordinated by Professor Bill Tucker and Ms Anuolowapo Esther Semande ('Semmie' pronounced Sammy) Tovide.

This website is entirely editable by the class (see the 🖊️ icon on each page).

Essential scheduling

  • all meetings in A521 seminar room, windows open, masks on, vaccinations preferred
  • Mondays 1pm (@Chalk Board) for 1:30pm-3:20pm (10 minute break at 2:20-2:30pm)
  • Wednesdays 12-2:10pm w/30 minute lunch break @Chalk Board 12:50-1:20pm.
  • NB Wednesdays are prone to move later to accomodate guest panelists from the Americas
  • Backup venues were Mon: A404 and Wed: A306 in case A521 doesn't work, yet we have shifted our times outside starting on the whole number hours, so . . .
  • actual backup venue should ERTLA and/or covid (4u) reassert itself: Teams and Signal (see below)


  • All formal communications on appropriate Teams channels.
  • All informal and adhoc/backup coordination on Signal channel.
  • Expectations: Semmie and Bill will respond asap on both of the above according to their working days. You may work differently.
  • Office 'hour' is split between: half hour b4 class on Mon, and half hour lunch break w/class; both at The Chalk Board, byobbl (bring your own brown bag lunch) and we can caffeinate together :-)
  • When SunLearn chokes, we’ll use the appropriate Teams channel for submissions and file sharing, and of course, the Signal group, too. You likely have your own WhatsApp group, too, w/o Semmie and Bill. All good.
  • If your device makes a noise or if someone swears during ‘lecture’ time, you must immediately pay R10 to the cupcake fund, to be managed by a Treasurer (volunteer(s) welcome to a) collect cash and b) come up with a digital payment option).


  • keep track of time (and keep Bill on track) during ‘lectures’: everyone
  • time keeper for jam sessions: Lauren
  • class represntative: Lauren (even though she is not registered)
  • socially coordinate for the course: Tristan
  • help convert this Word file to wiki: Thomas
  • to help with SunLearn admin, e.g. figure out how to operationalise the marking of peer review: Thomas?
  • Lead rubric refinement: Erin and Alex
  • Ensure dates in silly bus are correct: everyone
  • Ensure good deadline spread for project hand-ins: everyone
  • Treasurer: ???
  • What else do we need help with? Please edit here and put your name where appropriate.

Last update: 2022-09-26
Created: 2022-09-23