Evaluation Events

Assessment of this module will be based on continuous assessment, with three main evaluation events:

  • Reqular online quizzes, one for each of the covered topics
  • Three assignments, each counting equally towards the final mark. Assignments will require you to implement variations of the studied algorithms, to apply these to optimization problems, perform empirical comparisons of the algorithms, and then to write and submit a technical report. The technical report will contain all details of what you have done, your results, and a discussion of these results. Only the technical reports will be evaluated.
  • Take-away exam, which will require you to complete a set of questions covering all of the topics of this module.

Final Mark

The final mark will be calculated as follows:

  • Quizzes: 20%
  • Assignments: 40%
  • Take-away exam: 40%

Assessment Schedule

The quiz for each topic will be scheduled for each topic on the Friday of the week that ends a topic.

The assignments deadlines are as follows:

  • Assignment 1, covering topics 0 to 3: 10 Sep @ 14:00
  • Assignment 2, covering topics 4 and 7: 8 Oct @ 14:00
  • Assignment 3, covering topics 5, 8 to 10: 5 Nov # 14:00

Exam Date

The exam will tak eplace over three days: 8 - 10 Nov.