Computer Science Honours

Honours in Computer Science 2021

Welcome to Honours in Computer Science. Over the last forty-five years more than 600 talented students have passed through our programme. Many graduates choose to pursue an MSc degree but the Honours programme is also excellent preparation for a career in industry. This is due in part to the composition of the programme: a mix of core Computer Science theory courses and up-to-date application courses.

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First meeting

Our first meeting will take place on Monday, 1 February at 10:00. This year it is online on Teams. The meeting is compulsory for all students committed to doing Honours in 2021, whether registered by 1 February or not, so if you are unable to attend, please let us know.


You will need to register for



Students who enrol for the Honours programme in Computer Science must complete a year project (63444-771), worth 32 credits, as well as six semester modules, worth 16 credits each.

Modules for 2021 - most pages are on SunLearn
Semester 1 Semester 2
64947-712 Advanced algorithms 63452-711 (345) Automata theory & applications
64955-713 Compilers (Theoretical CS) 14065-796 Software verification & Analysis
64971-716 Advanced Automata 13944-795 Functional Programming
14195-742 (315) Machine Learning A 11788-741 Machine learning
14232-791 Artificial Intelligence
14066-791 Space Science 65048-746 Vulnerability Discovery and Code Analysis
64963-714 (314) Concurrent Programming I
65005-743 Simulation of networks
62847-792 Computer Vision (Applied Maths) 64572-793 Digital Image Processing (Applied Maths)


Students are expected to devote at least 12 hours per week per module, including lectures. The rest of the time should be devoted to the year project. Note that the honours curriculum has been designed for full-time postgraduate students.


To successfully complete the degree, a student must pass each of the modules and earn a mark of at least 50% for the year project. The final mark is calculated as the average of the six modules and the project (note that the project carries twice the weight of one module.)

Each module is evaluated using the University’s flexible assessment rules, which essentially means it is evaluated throughout the course. Typically there are a number of practical assignments with an optional test at the end.

In case a module is failed, the following scenarious can be followed:

Failing the project however is handled differently:

Honours lab

You will be allocated a dedicated place to sit in the honours lab when we are back on campus.
Technical details, including information about the computers in the lab, are available under Sysadmin Docs