Scientific Computing 372 has no prescribed textbook. The documents and slides in this section are your main resources for studying.

LaTeX Slides

Section Slides Size (bytes) Last Updated
1. Introduction and setting text 1 005 731 19 February 2019
2. Setting mathematics 903 361 19 February 2019
3. Standard environments 912 667 19 February 2019
4. Tables and figures 839 412 19 February 2019
5. Boxes and new environments 920 359 19 February 2019

LaTeX Guides

Guide Description
The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e The unofficial textbook for the basic LaTeX part of the course.
Style and common LaTeX mistakes Some LaTeX dos and don’ts; on A5 paper.
Style and common LaTeX mistakes The same as the previous entry, but formatted as a single-signature A4 booklet.
The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List A list of all standard LaTeX symbols, as well as those from non-standard packages.
Small Guide to Making Nice Tables Slides that explain how to make good quality tables in LaTe.
The Beamer class: User guide The user and internals guide to the Beamer class for making presentations in LaTeX.
The TikZ and PGF manual TikZ (TikZ ist kein Zeichenprogramm) is a set of drawing macros, and PGF (Portable Graphics Format) is its low-level counterpart.
Short Math Guide for LaTeX This guide introduces the standard AMS (American Mathematical Society) LaTeX classes for, amongst others, environments, extra math symbols, and theorem environment overrides.
User’s Guide for the amsmath Package The complete amsmath user guide, describing all extra environments and operators.
Using the amsthm Package The user guide to amsthm, which describes how to reformat the theorem-like environments of AMS-LaTeX.
Production quality tables in LaTeX The user guide to the booktabs package.
Common Errors in Bibliographies by John Owens How to cite properly.


File Description Last updated
wb372notes.pdf Advanced Python 12 August 2015
recursion.tar.bz2 An archive that has source code for computing factorials and the Fibonacci sequence, both iteratively and recursively. 7 May 2015
sorting.tar.bz2 An archive with source code for selection sort, insertion sort, iterative merge sort, and recursive merge sort. Note: The code is for illustration purposes only, and was therefore written with clarity, rather than efficiency, in mind. 7 May 2015
doubling-tests.tar.bz2 An archive with source code for selection sort, insertion sort, and recursive merge sort. Each Python file an either be imported and used as a module, or run from the command line to perform timing test by doubling the length of lists to be sorted. 7 May 2019
Sorting algorithm animations Illustrations of the algorithms we covered in class (and more).