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What about the future?

South African statistics are hard to find, but in the USA it is estimated that there will be a high demand for qualified Computer Scientists for the next decade. For example, the number of software engineers in the United States increased by 50% from 2003 to 2013, which is 12.5 faster than their overall job growth rate. As technology plays a larger and larger role in daily life, this growth is expected to continue over the next decade. Software Engineers also face a low rate of unemployment and their median salary is twice the median US overall salary.

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Exactly what does a Computer Scientist do?

Careers in the software and information technology industry vary widely. Some positions are more technical, while others involve more human factors. Some jobs demand concentration, precision, and attention to details; others come with a greater emphasis on creativity. Some jobs are solitary; others require teamwork. Some are highly competitive; others focus on cooperation and collaboration.

With such a diversity of jobs, it is difficult to characterise a “typical” job. The list below contains 90+ jobs, some have links you can click for more information.

  • Java Developer
    Use the Java programming language to build computer programs.
  • Infographic Artist
    Use graphics to express ideas, facts, and information.
  • IT Operations Analyst
    Maintain IT systems for a company.
  • Database Administrator
    Install, monitor, and protect databases.
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
    Create and implement procedures for evaluating product quality.
  • Game Programmer
    Write the code for computer games.
  • Software Release Manager
    Guide software products through development, testing, and release.
  • Quality Assurance Manager
    Oversee the workers involved in testing products.
  • Bioinformatics Software Engineer
    Create software that organizes huge amounts of genetic information.
  • Game Tester
    Play video games to make sure they're bug-free.
  • Nurse Informaticist
    Equip Nurses with technology to enable high-quality patient care.
  • Information Architect
    Arrange web or software content in an attractive and user-friendly manner.
  • Lead Software Engineer
    Evaluate a company's needs and develop software to address them.
  • Web Content Manager
    Fill web pages with relevant content, including videos, text, and photos.
  • Animation Supervisor
    Oversee the work of a team of Animators.
  • Game Designer
    Think up concepts and storylines for video games.
  • Web Developer
    Build the programming behind websites.
  • Document Imaging Specialist
    Convert company files into digital format.
  • Systems Analyst
    Match clients with the best computer systems for their needs.
  • Information Technology Consultant
    Use your expertise to solve IT problems for clients.
  • Computer Support Specialist
    Help customers troubleshoot computer issues.
  • Systems Architect
    Design computer networks.
  • Cybersecurity Strategist
    Work in-house or as a Consultant, creating plans to prevent cyber attacks.
  • Network Engineer
    Build, test, and maintain a company's computer network.
  • Video Game Technical Artist
    Animate game art by writing its computer code.
  • Systems Engineer
    Create systems for implementing business processes.
  • Layout Artist
    Arrange a web page, poster, or magazine in an appealing manner.
  • Telecommunications Engineer
    Design, build, and maintain telecommunications equipment.
  • Ethical Hacker
    Find a computer system's weak spots by deliberately hacking it.
  • Illustrator
    Create images and pictures to enrich stories.
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
    Tweak websites so they rank higher in search engine results.
  • Network Analyst
    Evaluate a company's needs to see what kind of network is a good match.
  • Motion Graphic Artist
    Design dynamic graphics through animation, video, and sounds.
  • Interaction Designer
    Make gadgets user-friendly.
  • User Interface Designer
    Equip devices with user-friendly features.
  • Web Designer
    Create attractive and functional websites for clients.
  • Technical Artist
    Design awesome game graphics that won't cause computers to crash.
  • Software Developer
    Build, test, and market computer software.
  • User Experience Designer
    Make a website enjoyable and easy to use.
  • Network Administrator
    Monitor a company's computer network to ensure peak performance.
  • Software Engineer
    Design, program, and update software.
  • New Media Specialist
    Use the Internet to market a company.
  • Game Producer
    Complete video game projects by overseeing schedules, budgets, and staff.
  • Data Miner
    Extract info from databases and summarize it into graphs and charts.
  • SEO Consultant
    Advise companies on how to improve their search engine rankings.
  • Concept Artist
    Think up characters, objects, or environments for films or video games.
  • Web Producer
    Generate website content that paints an accurate picture of the company.
  • Webmaster
    Monitor and update websites.
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
    Invent technology that can think like humans.
  • Chief IT Security Officer
    Oversee staff and security systems that protect company information.
  • Environment Artist
    Design the scenery of a video game.
  • Senior Web Developer
    Direct a team of Web Developers through projects.
  • Game Artist
    Create visuals for video games.
  • Modeling Supervisor
    Lead the process of turning rough drawings into digital models.
  • Information Scientist
    Conduct research to improve the way information is stored and retrieved.
  • Computer Science Professor
    Teach university students about computer science.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
    Identify trends to help make business decisions.
  • 2D Animator
    Make 2D images move using hand drawings or computer software.
  • Data Architect
    Create a system for processing company information.
  • Software Architect
    Oversee the design and implementation of computer software.
  • Game Developer
    Create video games as a Designer, Programmer, or Artist.
  • Web Editor
    Make sure a company's web content is in line with its image and goals.
  • Professional Gamer
    Get good enough at video games to enter tournaments and win prize money.
  • EDI Systems Analyst
    Equip companies with the fastest data transfer systems.
  • Statistical Programmer
    Develop computer software that organizes statistical data.
  • Game Director
    Serve as the creative brains behind video games.
  • Graphic Designer
    Create high impact images that deliver a message.
  • Network Designer
    Arrange a company's computer network in the fastest possible setup.
  • Network Manager
    Oversee a team charged with installing and maintaining computer networks.
  • SEO Analyst
    Drive a website to the top of search rankings by fixing its content.
  • Network Architect
    Plan the best computer network to suit a company's processes.
  • 3D Animator
    Bring illustrated objects to life for movies and video games.
  • Character Designer
    Create the appearance of complex animated characters.
  • IT Instructor
    Give classes in information technology.
  • Enterprise Architect
    Ensure that a company's IT system perfectly matches its business goals.
  • Security Administrator
    Keep entire computer networks safe from harm and hackers.
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
    Help design and test new computer electronics.
  • 3D Modeler
    Create digital models that can be viewed from all angles.
  • Computer Forensics Investigator
    Recover deleted computer files as evidence in criminal cases.
  • Data Warehouse Specialist
    Design and build a virtual storehouse for company information.
  • Database Analyst
    Assess whether company information is easily collected and retrieved.
  • Animator
    Make illustrated objects come to life using artistic and technical talents.
  • eCommerce Consultant
    Guide clients through the process of taking their business online.
  • Animation Technical Director
    Lead an animation team in creating high-tech graphics for a film.
  • Mobile Application Developer
    Create games and other apps for smartphones.
  • Texture Artist
    Draw the details that make games and animated movies look more realistic.
  • System Administrator
    Keep your company's computer systems up and running.
  • Telecommunications Specialist
    Plan and install telecommunications systems for clients.
  • Clinical Informatics Director
    Manage systems that monitor patient information in hospitals or clinics.
  • Interactive Designer
    Create websites that encourage user participation.
  • Data Scientist
    Analyze a company's stored information to identify trends.