Steve Kroon

Senior Lecturer: Computer Science, Stellenbosch University.
My personal web pages are available here.


For topics I'd be interested in supervising, see this page.

Broad research areas: artificial intelligence/machine learning; statistical learning theory; probability and computing.

Here's a longer list of things that interest me: computer opponents for various games, including Go, Starcraft, Angband, and Ingenious; getting a better understanding of social networks; support vector machines and kernel methods; graphical models; statistical learning theory and generalization bounds; concentration inequalities; regularization; design of probabilistic algorithms and data structures, and probabilistic analysis of algorithms/data structures.

My prime requirement of a student is mathematical maturity. A good background in mathematics and statistics are a real bonus, and good programming skills will make your job a lot easier. If you also have a background in machine learning, you may be my perfect student.

If you're interested in pursuing research in any of the directions above, please contact me.

Research output

Also see the page of our Monte Carlo Tree Search research group.

Talks at colloquiua, seminars, etc.

Graduate students

Project notes for honours students w.r.t. supervision (largely applicable to Masters and PhD students as well). (Last updated: 25 October 2012.)




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