Steve Kroon

Senior Lecturer: Computer Science, Stellenbosch University.
My personal web pages are available here.


My main research area is currently computational intelligence in games, i.e. improving computer players/bots/agents in various games. I am looking for good students to work in this field, and have potential project topics at undergraduate, Honours and Masters level, as well as the potential for "skripsie" topics for E+E engineering students. So if you're interested, please contact me.


Specific projects I am interested in (and seeking students for):

Research output

Also see the page of our Decision-making research group.

Talks at colloquiua, seminars, etc.

Graduate students

Project notes for honours students w.r.t. supervision (largely applicable to Masters and PhD students as well). (Last updated: 25 October 2012.)

Current Masters students

Completed Masters students


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